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Sourcing News and Tips - Issue #7

In last week's issue, we discussed some ideas for finding professionals outside of traditional resour
January 21 · Issue #7 · View online
Sourcing News and Tips
In last week’s issue, we discussed some ideas for finding professionals outside of traditional resources like LinkedIn and job boards. Since the majority of professionals cannot be located using these resources, it is essential for Sourcers to identify new ways to surface professional information.
However, these new resources raise challenges of their own, as they are not designed with Sourcers in mind. One common problem is that these new resources may not provide complete work histories or contact information. When working with non-traditional resources, you need to have an effective strategy for filling in these blanks.
In our training courses, we refer to this practice as ‘cross-referencing’: using the information we do have, to find the missing pieces. Here are some basic cross-referencing strategies to incorporate into your workflows:
Google (Start Simple)
Try a simple Google search for the person’s name, and then add another criterion based on what you already know:
Keep it simple, and remember that you will get better results by running several simple searches than one long and complex one.
Reverse Image Search
If you find a bio that includes a photo (such as on a company website or social site) try using a reverse image search to find other places online where the same image appears. Reverse Image searches can help you discover additional profiles where you may find more information.
The top reverse image searches today are:
People Finders
Leveraging existing databases of personal information is a quick and easy way to learn more about your prospects. There are many types of “people finder” sites. Some focus on business information, while others focus more on non-work details. Rather than look your prospects up in every database, find a few that tend to work well for your target candidates or geographies, and stick with those. Here are a few of our favorites:
  • Pipl - a global site which supports search by name, location, email, phone, and even social profile links
  • TruePeopleSearch - US-focused site with many emails and phone numbers available for free
And there are many more methods and techniques you can use! Take the time to explore what works best for the types of people you search for most often, and build yourself a checklist to follow. Having a go-to process to follow will help you avoid wasteful trips down research “rabbit holes.”
What are your favorite techniques? Please share your go to list of Sourcing sites on our Facebook group.
Happy Sourcing!

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