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Sourcing News and Tips - Issue #5

Now that the holidays are over, we're settling into our official schedule. Going forward, you can loo
January 7 · Issue #5 · View online
Sourcing News and Tips
Now that the holidays are over, we’re settling into our official schedule. Going forward, you can look forward to receiving your Sourcing News and Tips on Monday morning, US Pacific time.
Each week, we will look back at interesting news from the prior week, and provide our favorite tips to put you on the right footing for the days ahead.
Sourcing Process Outline
Having a plan of action is critical for achieving repeatable successes in any venture, and Sourcing is no different. Our recommendation is:
  1. [P]research - make sure you know whom to look for, where to look, and have the correct guidelines for assessing candidates, before you start
  2. Your ATS / CRM / Database - don’t let your hard-earned data go to waste, start with the candidate (or potential referral sources) you already know before hunting out new prospects.
  3. Job Boards - for roles where you expect active candidates to exist, make sure you’re among the first to reach out when they update or publish their CVs.
  4. Professional Networks - bridging the gap between resume databases and general-purpose social networks, these sites often have recruiter-friendly search; users are easier to identify by their work experience.
  5. General Social Networks - with millions or even billions of users, you can be sure some of your target professionals will be using the most popular social networks, though they may be harder to identify in this context.
  6. Other Data Rich Sites - identify and leverage other online sources where you can find sufficient numbers of your target professionals (niche social sites, associations, conferences, etc.).
  7. Cross-Reference and Prequalify - non-standard data sources often provide incomplete details (e.g., Github may tell you a user has experience with Python, but not where they live), but even a formal CV may be out of date. Make sure to leverage what you do know to build the most complete and up-to-date profile for each person on your long list to ensure they are a fit!
  8. Contact or Handoff - of course, now someone needs to get in touch with these prospects; whether that is you or another stakeholder, make sure to act on the output of your research ASAP; the candidates are not sitting still, so neither can you!
The specific order you follow these steps in may vary, even from req to req, but please never skip Step 1. Leverage your existing data and paid search resources first (otherwise, they are going to waste). When in doubt, use the resources that return the most value (i.e. actionable candidate information) for the least expense (either of money or time).
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Happy Sourcing!

Question of the Week
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