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Sourcing News and Tips - Issue #13

LinkedIn's advanced People search dialog (in Free and Premium Basic accounts) has gone through many c
March 26 · Issue #13 · View online
Sourcing News and Tips
LinkedIn’s advanced People search dialog (in Free and Premium Basic accounts) has gone through many changes over the years. With each update, more and more options have been removed, leaving Sourcers and Recruiters with fewer ways to find target professionals. Most recently, even basic Boolean (ANDs, ORs, and NOTs) search has become limited!
Did you know that, in fact, you can “get back” most of the previously available fields, using a combination of search hacks and previously undocumented operators?
Another consideration to keep in mind is that, at the moment, LinkedIn “interprets” some keywords placed in the main search box. This interpretation means that even changing the order of your search terms can result in quite different results.
In our research, LinkedIn appears to interpret keywords and phrases that “sound like”:
  1. First or Last Names
  2. Job Titles
  3. Company Names.
Further confusing the matter, the interpretations sometimes change from user to user. That is, what you see will differ from what we see, for the same search! Try these searches yourself and tell us what the results look like (see Feedback below for ways to get in touch):
To overcome this interpretation, our best advice is to try variations (different synonym or different order of words) if the results look suspicious.
Our theme this week is “LinkedHacks” - search and productivity hacks for the world’s largest professional network - and we’d love to hear your favorite tools and methods, as well!

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